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Severine’s Journey:
From Darkness
to Radiance

Sevrier, France - a little village that nurtured Severine amidst the love of her immediate and extended family. Growing up, she experienced the intertwining of energy healing and the strength of relationships within her religious community. Both sides gifted her a profound understanding of spiritual love.

Severine’s parents instilled the value of following one's heart, and her childhood was filled with joy. Curiosity led her to look within, pondering the vastness of something unseen but deeply felt. At 22, she embarked on a journey to Fort Lauderdale, securing a scholarship that opened the doors to community college.

Later, Severine pursued higher education at the International University of Miami, where fate led her to meet her Australian husband in an Irish pub in Fort Lauderdale. In 2007, she graduated with an International Relations degree and returned to Europe for further studies.

The Fall:
An Unexpected Challenge

While in France, Severine’s pursuit of higher education and suitable employment faced obstacles. Just as her dream job beckoned, a life-changing revelation surfaced - she was pregnant. This unexpected twist led her to reframe it as an opportunity and continue her search for local roles.

As her partner worked on boats and was often away, a routine visit to the physician turned into a heart-wrenching moment. The scan revealed that their baby had passed inside her. Severine found herself engulfed in darkness, with despair clouding her days, and hope seemed distant.


A Glimpse of Light

At her lowest point, a transformative realisation emerged. The alternative medicine world had always intrigued her, and she sought unconventional answers for her next steps. Among the shelves of a bookstore, she discovered "The Healing of the Aura," a book that seemed otherworldly. Trusting her intuition, she immersed herself in its teachings, embracing colours, mantras, nature walks, and daily yoga practice.

After weeks of devotion, a shift occurred. From the depths of sorrow, she felt a glimmer of excitement for life's possibilities.


She learned that even in the darkest times, one could shine brightly and thrive, defying evidence that such light was possible.

The Journey Continues

Severine's profound truth was revealed; she possessed the power to create her reality.


Thus, her journey of offering this magic to the world began. At Severine Sanctuary, she brings her expertise as a Senior Yoga teacher, therapist, remedial massage therapist, Reiki master, holistic life coach, mind-body practitioner, and spiritual counsellor.


Severine’s mission is to help others move, grow, and transform physically, emotionally, and mentally, reconnecting them to their

essence. Through mind-body fitness training, mindful movement practices, powerful breathwork, and energy understanding, she guides individuals on a sustainable path of transformation.


Severine's story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibilities that arise when we embrace our inner power. Welcome to Severine Sanctuary, where healing and transformation blossom, and the journey to radiant living begins.

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