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Severine's transformative approach to Mind, Body and Fitness
goes beyond the ordinary.


Through a harmonious fusion of teaching, coaching, mentoring, massaging, and counselling, Severine elevates the wellness journey to a whole other level. Experience a transformation as she guides you out of your comfort zone and into a realm of sensation, leading you to sustainable growth and empowerment.

In her quest to guide you to sensation, Severine employs a blend of diversity, sensory environment, and external stressors, ensuring each session is a unique and enriching experience.

Severine's home studio provides an intimate and nurturing space where all levels are welcomed and catered for. Each class is designed to accommodate different intensities, with options tailored to suit individual students. There's no emphasis on performance; instead, the focus is on embracing sensations, allowing everyone to reach their highest potential physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Yoga Class
Diversity in Classes:


Every class with Severine is a fresh adventure, never the same as before. This dynamic approach keeps students on their toes, challenging them to embrace change and vulnerability. Expectations and routines are left behind as she cultivates resilience and opens the doors to new possibilities.

Sensory Nurturing:


Severine creates a nurturing environment using carefully chosen colours, lights, sounds, and scents. Each session sets powerful anchors for new positive experiences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the journey of transformation.

Adjustments and Therapies:


Throughout the sessions, adjustments, heat therapy, and cold therapy are thoughtfully integrated. These added elements enhance the mind-body connection, promoting healing and growth.

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