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Tailored to you

At Severine Sanctuary, we believe in the power of empowering individuals with valuable tools and practices for mental health and overall wellbeing. As part of our commitment to spreading the benefits of mindfulness, breathwork, stress management, and anxiety relief, we offer wellness workshops or customisable workshops tailored to your unique needs and preferences.


Private Wellness

  • 90 minutes

  • $120 (1 - 5 people)

  • + $15 per additional person (5 - 10 people)


Experience a fully coached and transformative private session. Embrace mindful movements, bends, twists, heat, cold, and powerful breath work for sustainable physical, emotional, and mental transformation. Dive into your inner world, unlocking your inner warrior.


Start your journey of self-discovery and empowerment at Severine Sanctuary.

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à la Carte

  • Private session

  • Tailored to your specific requirements

Whether you're planning a special event, looking to enhance workplace productivity and harmony, or seeking to bring transformative wellness experiences to your gym or studio in the Central Queensland area, our workshops are here to support you.


Let's collaborate to create an enriching workshop that aligns perfectly with your goals and brings positive change to your community.

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