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The Warrior 

A transformative experience to build your resilience , composure and empowerment and wake the warrior within 

The warrior program is the heart and soul of Severine Sanctuary - a transformative mind-body movement program meticulously crafted by Severine herself. This comprehensive program draws from her vast knowledge and experience as a seasoned yoga teacher, therapist, remedial massage therapist, Reiki master, holistic life coach, mind-body practitioner, and spiritual counsellor.

At its core, the warrior path  is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. It encompasses three fundamental pillars: Teach, Coach, and Mentor - each playing a vital role in guiding participants towards holistic well-being.

Teach: Unlocking the Wisdom Within

The first pillar of the warrior path is all about teaching - empowering individuals with the knowledge and wisdom they need to embark on their transformative journey. Severine draws from her expertise as a yoga teacher and therapist to impart mindful movement practices like yoga and Pilates, enabling participants to connect with their bodies on a deeper level. Through gentle yet powerful movements, students learn to listen to their bodies and understand the messages they convey.

Coach: Nurturing Resilience and Mindfulness

The second pillar, coaching, is where the true transformation takes flight. As a holistic life coach and mind-body practitioner, Severine guides participants through the art of resilience-building and mindfulness. With a focus on powerful breathwork and mental tools, she helps individuals unravel the complexities of their thoughts and emotions. Participants learn to embrace challenges with grace, making way for personal growth and mental well-being.

Mentor: Illuminating the Path to Spiritual Harmony

The third and final pillar, mentorship, delves into the realm of spiritual guidance. As a Reiki master and spiritual counsellor, Severine offers profound insights into the spiritual dimensions of one's being. She facilitates a connection with the inner self and higher consciousness, paving the way for profound healing and alignment with one's true purpose.


Incorporating these three pillars, The warrior program transcends the boundaries of traditional fitness programs. It recognises that physical, emotional, and mental aspects are deeply interconnected, and true well-being lies in harmonising all facets of one's being. What sets TRI-MOV’ apart is its holistic approach, encompassing the whole spectrum of human existence. Severine's program goes beyond mere physical exercise; it offers a profound transformation of mind, body, and soul. As participants immerse themselves in this holistic journey, they discover that they are not merely passive recipients of change but active creators of their reality.

With Severine as your guide, the journey to mental wellness and physical vitality begins - a journey of profound self-discovery and empowerment.

Severine’s signature warrior program


Personal Mind and Body Training

  • 6 week program

  • $400



  • 6  x 45 min sessions

  • Full mind body assessment 

  • Unlimited access to a Customised to your needs movement , breath , mental strategies and ayurvedic nutrition guidance


Embrace this transformative journey and unlock your true potential with Severine's 6 weeks  Program. 

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