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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

What is courage?

” The ability to do something that frightensome; bravery” or

“Strength in the face of pain or grief”

Such a common word with multiple uses… In fact we use courage every day in our daily tasks from the moment we wake until the moment we go to bed at night.

I like to link courage with “I AM” as the higher consciousness level of courage is allowing us to enter the depth of our physical, emotional and mental realms of our being.

Physically, how often are we paying attention to our physical sensations when we are walking our path and accomplishing our daily routines?

Take a few minutes to reflect…

Moreover, we often forget and diminish the significance and consequences of those sensations … In fact, we try to avoid those sensations especially when those are out of our comfort zone… We simply avoid and/or num them with quick fixes and pills so we do not have to feel…

Again take few minutes to reflect…

Sensations are tools enabling us to communicate with our vessel … our body. This communication is essential to bring awereness to physical disfunctions and or dis -eases in our body that might become later a bigger issue and impair our health.

It takes courage to explore those sensations through movement …yoga, fitness,pilates,massages; however, rewards of such exploration is absolutely incredible…

Eventually, when exploring those physical sensations, often, we discover the emotional correspondance behind those physical sensations…

Indeed, which emotions is preceeding or succeeding those physical sensations… It takes courage to venture into the realm of feelings and to bring awareness and accept our present emotional self. Especially , when those emotions are in a place of darkness…Indeed, everyone love feeling excitment and happiness…Those emotions are well accepted and acknowledged; however, emotions like despair, loss, shame, fear, emptiness are much more repressed… Being repressed and not accepted tempt to make them last longer often preventing us to move forwards.

From the explorations of feelings comes the world of our thoughts…

More than 6000 thoughts a days!! yes … Are we paying attentions to every single one ? Often and again the darker thoughts seem to often be repressed and pushed down… Courage to bring awareness and accept those thoughts are necessary for growth and evolution.

The higher consciousness of Courage is the awareness of our I AM …

Through affirmation of our self and our entire being, we will acquire a strong sense of our present identity (physical emotional and mental ) and its roots.

This strong awareness of self will guide you to empowerment and eventually to Courage

copyright – all right reserved Severine Hughes 15/7/2021


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